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logo PCA Sim RacingZone 2 has ten drivers that have qualified to represent the Zone Group in the PCA Sim Racing Zone Group Championship race series on iRacing. Each PCA Zone Group was able to send its top eight drivers in each of PCA Sim Racing’s four driver classes.

The qualifying drivers for Zone 2 are:

  • Joshua Vieira (Potomac Region)
  • Robert Rose (Shenandoah Region)
  • Glynn Dennis (Potomac Region)
  • Daniel Ruble (Riesentöter Region)
  • Kevin Douglas (Riesentöter Region)
  • Jared Rodeheaver (Riesentöter Region)
  • Trey Davis (First Settlers Region)
  • Benjamin Fong (Riesentöter Region)
  • Eric Kaufmann (Riesentöter Region)
  • Robert Gordon (Chesapeake Region)

Zone Group Championship

The Zone Group Championship begins on February 16th / 18th at Auto Club Speedway. Barber Motorsports Park will be on February 23rd / 25th. The series concludes at Virginia International Raceway on March 2nd / 4th. See for more details.

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