Wonderful People, Great Cars, and Fantastic Events

The camaraderie in Zone 2 comes from the wonderful people and their dedication to great cars and fantastic events. Many of our Zone 2 Regions host events which include other regions in the zone and we have seen many of our members travel within Zone 2 to take advantage of another region’s event (See: Zone 2 Events Calendar). We encourage the sharing of information and PCA spirit in Zone 2 and have created this website to enrich our communication and experiences with one another.

Notable Zone 2 Events

Some of Zone 2’s most notable events include:

Zone 2 is home to:

PCAs Zone 2 regions

2021 Zone 2 PCA Club Racing Volunteers at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia.
PCA's Zone 2 at 2016 Porsche Parade, Jay Peak Vermont

History and Strong Commitments

Among the 13 Zones and 143 Regions of the Porsche Club of America, Zone 2 holds much history and strong commitments to PCA. Zone 2 includes 10 Regions encompassing most of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Zone 2 Porsche Parades and PCA Escape

Zone 2 has been host to 7 Porsche Parades and 1 PCA Escape.

Porsche Parades

  • 2022, Pononos, PA — Chair: Ron Gordon
  • 2005, Hershey, PA — Chairs: Bob Gutjahr and Manny Alban
  • 1979, Reston, VA — Chair: Walt Woodhead
  • 1974, Pocono Manor, PA — Chair: Dennis Thovson
  • 1967, Arlington, VA — Chair: Robert S. Lee
  • 1963, Split Rock/Poconos, PA — Chair: Charlie Beidler
  • 1957, Gaithersburg, MD — Chair: William J. Sholar
  • 1956, Gaithersburg, MD — Chair: William J. Sholar

PCA Escape

  • 2007, Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD

For a complete list of past Porsche Parades, see the Porsche Club of America website.